Submit Your Question For Our Spider-Man Podcast

All month long we've been talking about Spider-Man coming to the PlayStation 4, to coincide with our cover story. Now it's your turn to ask questions. In an upcoming episode of the podcast, we'll be speaking with Spider-Man's creative director Bryan Intihar and asking him questions from the community. What …

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15 Frostpunk Tips To Protect You From A Bloody Revolt

The world of Frostpunk is frigid, brutal, and uncaring. As you build up an outpost in the middle of nowhere, you will face a never-ceasing onslaught of crises, including an angry populace, dwindling resources, and the dawn of a new ice age that makes it nearly impossible to survive.  Like …

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A Tangled Web: The History Of Spider-Man Video Games

Spider-Man made his comic-book debut in August 1962, gracing the pages of Amazing Fantasy issue 15 with his striking costume, arachnid abilities, and a refreshing dose of youthful angst. Almost immediately, it was clear that Spidey was destined for a greater fate than a throwaway appearance in a second-tier title. …

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