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Daily Archives: May 4, 2018

Ubisoft Making New For Honor Announcements At E3

During a livestream today, the For Honor team talked about their roadmap for the game in the coming months. In addition to the new maps and new heroes that the team is planning, the developers also talked about big additions to the games that were too big to be unveiled …

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Capcom Walks You Through Street Fighter History

Ahead of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary release later this year, Capcom has started a video series explaining the history of Street Fighter, game by game. The first video in the series naturally covers the first game, as well as the more historically important sequel, Street Fighter II. The retrospective …

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The Good Life Gets Its First Story Trailer

White Owls and Swery, the creator of games like Deadly Premonition and D4, have released the first trailer of The Good Life. The game was funded on Kickstarter yesterday with the campaign ending later today officially. To celebrate, the developers have released a story trailer today, named the STROY trailer …

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Raphael Goes Against Leonardo In TMNT Splatfest This Weekend

This weekend's Splatfest pits two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their Splatoon 2-playing fans, against each other in a competition for the ages. While the imagery for this Splatfest is from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, this battle stretches out far further than just this show or Splatest. …

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Watch Our Complete God Of War Game Club Discussion

Every once in a while on The Game Informer Show podcast, we get the urge to dive in as deep as possible on a game and wring the experience for every interesting discussion to be had alongside our community. The release of God of War on the PlayStation 4 seemed like …

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Super Mega Baseball 2 Review – A Rock-Solid Single

My first baseman is named Grunt Manly. Most of my pitchers itch their butts before throwing the ball. My team, the Herbisaurs, is taking on the Sirloins. Super Mega Baseball 2 doesn’t take itself too seriously, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see moonshot home runs or pitches corkscrewing comically to …

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Prima Publishing Extensive Book Covering Women In Gaming

Meagan Marie, senior community manager at Crystal Dynamics and former Game Informer editor, has authored the book Women in Gaming: 100 Pioneers of Play, which is being published by Prima Games this November. The book features profiles, interviews, essays, and professional advice from women past and present throughout the industry, …

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Conan Takes On God Of War With Bill Hader

There's a new Clueless Gamer segment with Conan O'Brien from his TBS show, and he's brought along comedian/actor Bill Hader (now on HBO's Barry) to play through God of War. The pair aren't enamored with the setup lore and Kratos' relationship with son, Atreus, but they do show a SPOILER FOR …

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