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Daily Archives: May 5, 2018

Peripheral Maker Files Claim Saying Switch Infringes On Its Patents

While Nintendo's console/portable hybrid, Switch, selling over 17 million units and creating several hit games for Nintendo, it might be infringing on some patents. Gamevice, which makes attachable controllers for iOS and Android phones and tablets, has filed a complaint claiming the importation of Switch consoles into American shores infringes …

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Watch Bungie Break Down Destiny 2's New Escalation Protocol Mode

Bungie dove into the specifics of the new mode coming in Destiny 2's Warmind expansion, Warmind, in video mode, revealing a few new details. Escalation Protocol, as previously detailed, is a wave-based mode that takes place on Mars, the expansion's locale. As an answer to player complaints didn't have difficult, …

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Dark Souls III JoJo Mod Gives Your Character A Stand

Have you played Dark Souls III? Have you ever felt like it would be way better with the spiritual psychic-generated power of Stands? Then boy is there a mod for you. In this mod, titled Titanite is Unbreakable, characters get enemies to use as Stands for extra attacks or powers. …

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Replay – Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic Elements

Following the release of Arx Fatalis, Arkhane Studios began work on a sequel, but ended up shifting directions to incorporate the Might and Magic license after partnering with publisher Ubisoft. That game ended up becoming Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, a fun first-person adventure that makes great use of …

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New Gameplay Today – City Of Brass

Uppercut Games' new release City of Brass delivers a clever mix of roguelite exploration and combat, as players fight their way through Arabian Nights-flavored levels using a melee weapon and a whip. Leo makes a rare hands-on appearance this episode, as he shows off his skills to Javy and Jeff. …

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