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Nobuo Uematsu Working On Final Fantasy VII Remake

Former Square Enix composer Nobuo Uematsu is returning to help work on the Final Fantasy remake, according to producer Yoshinori Kitase. In an interview in a pamphlet for an event celebrating the release of 2018's BRA★BRA Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo album, an interview with Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori …

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The Sports Desk – The NHL 19 Wishlist

After a slow start this console generation, the NHL franchise finally found its footing in 2017. NHL 18 introduced the fun arcade mode NHL Threes, injected more puckhandling creativity with a new layer of dekes, and gave defenders more control over their gaps with the defensive skill stick. All were …

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Watch 23 Horrendous Crashes In Descenders On Xbox One

Descenders is coming to Xbox One Game Preview tomorrow after spending time in Early Access in PC. It's a rogue-like, downhill bike racing game that let's you pull off some amazing stunts, but you're here for the gnarly crashes, beautifully enhanced by realistic ragdoll physics. It's not all disaster, though. …

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Check Out These Amazing God Of War Photo Mode Shots

Sony Santa Monica recently released a photo mode for God Of War, letting countless players make grumpy father Kratos smile a bit. However, the photo mode functionality has also allowed for some fantastically composed screenshots. We asked our readers to send us their best (Ally Muntean took the above one) …

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Five Ways Days Gone Differs From Other Open-world Games

As open-world games have become more commonplace over the past few years, so too have the formulaic activities they offer players to occupy their time. From climbing up towers to taking down bandit camps, and nabbing crafting items every few feet in between, players often know what to expect from …

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Fortnite Thanos Event Ends Tomorrow

If you have wanted to grab the Infinity Gauntlet for yourself and be an eight foot tall purple emperor, you only have until tomorrow. Epic made the announcement on Twitter today and suggests this is the final time players will be able to play as Thanos.   The Infinity Gauntlet …

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The Forest Review – A Gruesome Champion

The figure in the distance has spotted my camp. I know because I can hear him chittering. I move slowly to the side, hiding myself within the bushes as the humanoid approaches the bonfire near my log cabin. I consider waiting the whole thing out but realize he’ll just bring …

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