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Hollow Knight Switch Sales Exceed 250,000 In First Two Weeks

After getting a surprise release date announcement during this year’s E3-themed Nintendo direct a couple of weeks ago, the Switch version of Hollow Knight has sold over a quarter of a million copies on Nintendo’s hybrid console. The news by way of IGN, which received the info straight from developer …

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Fortnite's Sky Has A Big Crack In It Now

Fortnite players logging in and playing matches right on all platforms should be greeted with a strange sight in the sky: cracks. What this might lead to is still a bit of a mystery, but it’s likely we’re nearing the conclusion of a tease Epic set up earlier in Fortnite’s …

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Valve Is Working On Replacing Steam Spy For Developers

Months after the company effectively ended third-party Steam sales data tracking site Steam Spy by updating their privacy settings, Valve has announced it is working on a more accurate replacement for developers. PCGamesN reports that at this week’s White Night game developer event in St. Petersburg, Russia, indie game developer …

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Replay – Bushido Blade 2

Bushido Blade was the second game we ever played on Replay back in 2010, so a look at the sequel is long overdue. Join Reiner, Cork, Tack and me for a series of one-shot samurai duels. Even twenty years later, Bushido Blade remains a unique entry in fighting game history. Unless you …

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