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Daily Archives: June 13, 2018

The Hero We Need

Each Spider-Man comic book cover tells the reader to expect something extraordinary. The artwork amplifies these commanding words, often showing the red-and-blue wall crawler soaring through the air, shooting webs, or pummeling evildoers. Just looking at the cover is an oddly exhilarating experience – a formula Marvel has successfully used …

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E3 2018 Wednesday Recap

The gaming industry’s biggest week of the year continues, and the Game Informer staff has been spread out across the E3 show floor seeing all the big titles. This is where you can find all of the day’s coverage, including hands-on impressions, videos, analysis, and more.  So check it out, and …

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A Quake III-Style Shooter With An Old-School Arcade Twist

Project 1v1 may look like a Quake III/Unreal Tournament-style FPS at first glance, but there’s more to it than just the opponent-gibbing action. As the title suggests, Project 1v1’s matches are limited to just two players, and play out on small and twisting maps full of ramps, jump pads, and …

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Telltale Is Working On A Stranger Things Game

On Twitter today, Telltale Games confirmed the existence of a Stranger Things console/PC title in the works. The popular Netflix series that brings 80’s nostalgia and demons together is scheduled for the interactive story treatment. Separately, we’re thrilled to confirm that Telltale is developing a game based on Stranger Things …

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Into A Larger World

The Forza Horizon franchise has always been about an open world, but Forza Horizon 4 is stretching that in new ways for the series. We talked with the developers at Playground Games in more depth about the what players can expect as they explore, engage in co-op with friends, and …

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The $100,000,000 Fortnite Competitive Season Starts This Fall

Hot on the tail of their star-studded tournament yesterday, Epic has announced the dates and details of their Fortnite 2018-19 competitive season.  Epic is providing $100,000,000 to fund Fortnite events around the globe. In a blog post earlier today, it specified that this money would be split between “many events at …

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New Gameplay Today – Starlink: Battle For Atlas

Ubisoft’s upcoming space game Starlink: Battle for Atlas is coming to a variety of consoles, but the publisher is doing something extra special on Switch. Nintendo fans will be able to play as Star Fox Fox McCloud himself, and take on missions while flying the Arwing. What would that possibly …

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