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Daily Archives: July 6, 2018

Netflix's Castlevania Season 2 Hits This October

After a successful first season, we already knew Castlevania was getting a second season on Netflix this year. Now, we know when exactly it will hit the popular streaming service. The second season, which is eight episodes long, will launch on Netflix on October 26.  In addition to the picture …

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Weekend Warrior – Fireworks Of Our Own

After a week that featured a holiday and the launch of our new issue, the Game Informer staff is enjoying a diverse collection of games this weekend. From playing through new experiences like The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and Jurassic World Evolution to old favorites like Destiny 2 and …

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First 4 Figures Reveals Premium Banjo-Kazooie Statue

First 4 Figures today revealed its upcoming Banjo-Kazooie statue. The statue features both titular characters from the 1998 N64 hit as they soar through the air. The statue stands at an impressive 20 inches tall , weighing nearly 12 pounds, and features a Jiggy jigsaw puzzle piece base. In addition to the …

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10 Real-Life Activities I Only Enjoy In Video Games

Video games serve up all sorts of fantastical adventures, from battling giant monsters to dungeon delving for untold riches to sexing up aliens instead of saving the galaxy. However, video games can also make mundane activities entertaining – way more than their stupid real-life counterparts. My recent misadventures in Houser …

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Two Writers Fired From Guild Wars 2 Developer After Twitter Argument

ArenaNet has severed ties with two members of its narrative team following the members’ public disagreement with a Guild Wars 2 player on social media, according to the company’s co-founder and president Mike O’Brien.  Member of the ArenaNet narrative team Jessica Price created a Twitter thread on the challenges of making an …

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