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Daily Archives: July 7, 2018

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is Worth Revisiting…For A Price

When Xenoblade Chronicles 2 released last year, I had mixed feelings about it. Despite an impressive world and a fascinating array of interlocking systems, the experience also felt bloated and repetitive. However, like so many titles these days, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has evolved since its launch. Here’s the good news: …

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5 Summer Steam Early Access Gems

The term “early access” can mean many things these days, from incomplete alphas where nothing works to polished mainstays (Fortnite is still in early access, ladies and gentlemen). Steam can be a treasure trove for hunters looking for the next big game, and there’s no lack of impressive up-and-coming titles …

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New Gameplay Today – Skull & Bones

Let’s get this out of the way: Even though Skull & Bones is a game about pirates, I’m not going to write this up in pirate talk. OK? Good. Brian Shea played Ubisoft’s upcoming title at E3, and he walks me and Leo through what he saw like walking the …

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Tales of Madness: The Lovecraftian Games On The Horizon

I don’t need to give H.P. Lovecraft much of an introduction. He’s the man who added tentacles to horror, and gave creatures names no one can spell. His work, which dates back to the early 1900s has been an inspiration point for many game developers today. Hit games like Dead …

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Replay – Silent Hill 3

Hide the children and the weak of heart! Silent Hill 3 may take place in an amusement park filled with pleasant things like a pink bunny mascot, but a closer look at it reveals blood on its mouth! Oh, the horror! In this episode of Replay, we explore this location, …

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